Your brain has about 100 billion nerve cells. These nerve cells use a form of electrochemical stimulation called action potential to transmit messages back and forth through your central nervous system to control the performance of every tissue, organ, and system in your body at every moment. We think action potential is a good metaphor for our She’s Got Nerve line of racerback longline bra and print gym leggings. We’ve panelled each item with a stimulating nerve cell print taken from a micrograph, creating a bold collection that we hope will excite your motor neurons both inside and outside the gym.

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Neural stem cells are self-renewing wonders that are characterized by their capability to differentiate into multiple cell types via external stimuli from their environment. Adaptable and creative, there is a lot to be marvelled at, inspiring our versatile She’s Got Brains mesh panel legging and longline bra. Printed panels, featuring a digitally manipulated image of neural stem cells, flatter the body while mesh inserts keep you cool when you need it the most. This collection is perfect for the gym or an afternoon discussing Harry Potter with friends.

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Inspired by the resilience and rhythm of cardiac muscle, the She’s Got Heart sports bra and mesh panel capri legging are a tribute to the only muscle in the human body that works powerfully for an entire lifetime without fatiguing. These are great for an energetic workout at the gym or bike ride through the park. To reflect the courage, resolution, fortitude, and not least of all compassion associated with the heart we’ve incorporated a digitally manipulated electron micrograph of a heart muscle cross-section to create a strong but subtle print.  Just like cardiac muscle, we hope this collection will inspire you to keep going whether your passion is barre or biochemistry.

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Essential Leisure and Gym Basics

We’ve designed a collection of essential leisure and gym basics to be worn with our signature print collections, on their own and with other items you love. From the perfect pair of solid black leggings to loose racerback tanks made from the best cosy and stretchy fabric we could find, we hope you love these pieces as much as we do.

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